Masthead Financial Planning (MFP), a licenced financial services provider, was established in 2011. We believe in the value of objective financial advice and the benefits for consumers. Our sole aim is to provide a sustainable regulatory compliant structure to support financial advisors, who may apply to operate under our licence.

We therefore provide a platform where advisors not only survive, but thrive. In this way, we help to secure the availability of unbiased financial advice for consumers, now and for the future.

A win-win situation

We have consistently supported advisors since our launch. This helps them to overcome the challenges of the advice industry, comply with mounting regulation and deal with rising costs. We also provide what advisors want for their clients: the discretion to choose products from a wide range of options.

With our support, financial advisors have more time to focus on what they do best:

  • giving unbiased financial advice, tailored to clients’ needs
  • proposing apt solutions from a vast range of financial products
  • spending more time with clients to build lasting relationships
  • helping clients realise their financial dreams, lifestyle and goals.

Our financial advisors

Masthead Financial Planning Advisors are qualified, professional advisors. They are service-oriented, experienced individuals, driven by a desire to assist clients to achieve their financial goals.

Each Masthead Financial Planning Advisor has been evaluated and hand-picked to join us. We choose qualified individuals who embrace the values we believe our financial planners should have.

In their dealings with clients, they reflect these values, which are embodied in our code of ethics. These include honesty, integrity, transparency and professionalism. With no external influences and no pressure from product providers, Masthead Financial Planning Advisors can deliver objective advice at all times.

Our approach

Masthead Financial Planning has a sound structure in place, with our CEO, Head of Operations and financial advisor support team. We are an affiliate of Old Mutual, and we make use of Masthead’s compliance services.

Operating through strategic partnerships and relationships with product providers, advisors, staff and shareholders, we benefit clients and advisors alike. Clients can access objective financial advice from a licenced, experienced professional who has their clients’ best interests at heart. Advisors enjoy access to a vast array of financial products, as well as top quality, back office support.

To set your future financial plan in place, contact us today