Masthead Financial Planning provides financial advisors with an attractive alternative to their current position. Whether you operate as a tied agent or run an advice business, our solution offers the best of both worlds.

What we offer

We offer security, protection and peace of mind. We also address the key concerns or challenges that independent financial advisors face.

By assuming Key Individual responsibilities through the Masthead Financial Planning dealer group, you operate under a single master licence. You also enjoy the benefits of business support, protection against advice risk and sharing in cost savings. You can still make many decisions and build value for succession.

Our professional team is committed to helping and supporting you by providing access to top products and services. This also includes access to the knowledge, tools and expertise that are generally only available within large advisory businesses.

Some of the benefits you’ll gain include regulatory services, financial needs analysis tools and customer relationship management software. You’ll also get business development and income generating tools, professional indemnity cover and skills development opportunities. All this will ensure you are professional from every perspective.

Ready to join us?

Masthead Financial Planning may be the ideal solution if you:

  • are tired of being micromanaged by a sales manager
  • would like to set your own targets and make your own marketing decisions
  • want to offer clients a wider product choice
  • don’t want the hassle of operating under your own FSP licence
  • are looking for ways to save on operating costs
  • want more time to give your clients the attention they deserve
  • will benefit from the support of a qualified back office team.

How to join

There is a short process to become a Masthead Financial Planning Advisor.

Successful applicants will transition from operating under their current licence to ours. There will be some changes to the way in which you operate, but the process is quick and smooth.

To find out more and take the first step, please email us. 

Our 5-point value proposition

Product choice

We have agreements in place with almost 40 approved product providers. As a Masthead Financial Planning Advisor, you have access to their products. This means you can offer clients a wide range of choice.


Risk management

We conduct company and product due diligences, and provide product info and guidance on product suitability. We endorse internationally accepted advice processes and provide compliance support. You also enjoy group PI cover.

Business support

We’ll assist you to use technology effectively and help you with client management. You’ll also enjoy the backing of our national infrastructure and the established Masthead brand.


Share in cost savings

You can benefit from direct cost savings on various expenses.  These include PI cover, FSCA licence fees, network fees and customer relationship management software.

Build value for succession

We’ll assist you with customer retention, and help you grow and maximise the capital value of your revenue. We can also facilitate a buy and sell option at the time of your exit.

To apply to join Masthead Financial Planning, contact us.