Masthead Financial Planning Advisors are well placed to help you reach your financial and lifestyle goals. To consistently provide quality, unbiased financial advice and appropriate product solutions, they follow a 6-step financial planning process.

This comprehensive process enables our advisors to understand your financial status, as well as your needs, goals and concerns. Whether you want to invest, save for retirement or reduce risk, the planning process establishes a foundation for advice. This also applies for tax planning, estate planning, saving for children’s future education and other financial goals.

Our 6-step financial planning process

Establish and define the professional relationship (the first appointment).

Gather information, including your goals, timeframe and attitude towards risk.

Analyse and evaluate the information to determine your financial status.

Develop and present the financial recommendations to achieve your goals.

Give the go-ahead to implement the financial planning recommendations.

Monitor the financial planning recommendations through regular reviews.

A long term relationship of trust

Adhering to the financial planning process also has other advantages. One key outcome is a long-term professional relationship with your financial advisor, based on trust. Financial advisors who understand your financial situation can act in your best interests and move you towards reaching your financial goals.

Secondly, you can be assured your financial advisor is giving you objective advice, tailored to your needs. What makes this possible is the wide range of product providers from which your financial advisor can choose solutions. In addition, the advice you receive is not influenced by sales targets, commission or fees.

To set your future financial plan in place, connect with a Masthead Planning Financial Advisor